Nodular Acne

The Causes of Nodular Acne and How You Can Treat It

Nodular acne of the skin could be a severe variety of acne of the skin that causes massive, inflamed, and painful breakouts known as acne of the skin nodules. Acne nodules square measure larger and additional serious than a typical symptom and have an effect on deeper layers of the skin. Nodular acne of the skin will seem on the face, back, and therefore the body.

Managing Modular Acne
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Unlike ordinary zits that heal comparatively quickly, a acne of the skin nodules will last an extended time—sometimes months. These blemishes want onerous knots below the skin. generally they develop a white head, however, sometimes, they keep pig-headedly in spite of appearance below the skin’s surface. you will get simply a number of nodular breakouts, or the blemishes are additional widespread.

Nodular acne can cause severe scarring, and should always be treated by a dermatologist.

This type of acne of the skin is additionally known as a severe acne of the skin. it’s additionally mentioned as a nodulocystic acne of the skin, or cystic acne of the skin, though some dermatologists contemplate these slightly different types of acne of the skin blemishes.


As with delicate acne of the skin breakouts, a nodular acne of the skin is caused by many totally different factors: active greasy (or oil) glands, AN abnormal buildup of dead cells at intervals the pore, and overgrowth of the acne-causing bacterium. once these factors close, it makes a good condition for breakouts to develop.

Another massive trigger for the acne of the skin of all kinds, the nodular acne of the skin enclosed, square measure androgenic hormone hormones. once androgens increase, therefore will the skin’s oil. Androgens can also modify the chemical makeup of the skin’s oil, creating it thicker (more seemingly to clog the pores) and a much better atmosphere for the acne-causing bacterium to require up residence.

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Still, dermatologists are not positive why some individuals develop such severe varieties of acne of the skin, like a nodular acne of the skin, whereas others simply get minor pimples. There will appear to be a genetic element, though. If your oldsters or siblings had the nodular acne of the skin, you are additional seemingly to urge it too.

Although anyone will get the nodular acne of the skin, it’s additional common in young men. adolescent boys and young adult males ofttimes get the acne of the skin nodules on each the face and therefore the body.

Adult ladies typically notice themselves battling nodular breakouts, too. Their breakouts tend to be targeting the jawline, chin, and neck, and generally seem or worsen right before their periods.


Nodular acne of the skin is robust to treat. If you think that you will have the nodular acne of the skin the primary step is to check a skin doctor. Over-the-counter acne of the skin treatments merely is not effective against the nodular acne of the skin, despite however systematically you utilize them. to urge real clearing, you’ll have a prescription medication.

See a dermatologist as soon as possible, to get reduce the chance of scarring. Because these breakouts are so deep-seated, you’ll most likely need an oral medication as well as topical treatment to get them under control.

Isotretinoin is taken into account the most effective treatment for many varieties of severe acne of the skin. If your nodular acne of the skin is widespread, your skin doctor might all right recommend this treatment.

Oral antibiotics square measure another choice. though they don’t seem to be meant to be used semipermanent, they’ll facilitate quickly cut back inflammation. This helps your skin look and feel higher whereas you are watching for a tropical acne of the skin treatments to figure. you will be prescribed these together with the antibiotics.

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For women, oral contraceptives and/or the secretion regulator adrenal cortical steroid also is a possibility. These work best for women United Nations agency get those discharge breakouts.


Those swollen nodular breakouts will hurt, a lot! though the guidelines below will not clear up your acne of the skin, they’ll facilitate build your skin a small amount lighter whereas you are watching for those stubborn blemishes to heal.

  • Don’t squeeze, pick, or try and pop these massive blemishes. you may harm your skin and it will not facilitate the nodule to heal quicker. In fact, you may terribly seemingly build it worse.
  • For a very painful blemish, strive to apply ice or AN ice pack (wrap either during a soft cloth) a number of times daily. this will facilitate ease the pain and cut back swelling.
  • Cortisone injections square measure another choice, though largely as a final resort. they’ll facilitate particularly massive blemishes heal additional quickly and facilitate your skin feel a great deal higher, too. seek advice from your skin doctor concerning this feature if you are interested.

A Word From CA

Nodular acne of the skin is robust to treat, no doubt. however severe acne of the skin is treated, terribly with success, with the proper medications. there’s no quick-fix, therefore arrange on 3 to four months of treatment before you begin to check any real improvement in your skin.

Besides being frustrating, the nodular acne of the skin will cause you to feel self-conscious. It is depressing. that is fully traditional. however, if it’s officious along with your traditional life, let your doc apprehend that too.

With prescription medication, consistent treatment, and a touch little bit of time, you’ll see immense enhancements in your skin. build a briefing along with your skin doctor or regular doc to urge started.

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